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JobFied.com is a publishing platform. Created on the purpose of providing current  information and contents categorically designed to meet the need of every audience, business entity or even end users. Driven by the interest of information seekers, and in a way of adding value through the provision of contents of quality, we research on different topics to come up with information that meets your quest.

Publicizing such information on Recruitment/Jobs, Email Sign Up, Dating Room, Technology, Admission, Scholarship and various Web issues is our niche.

Our major aim and objective is to make quality information seeking very handy and easy to grab and equally add values to users of JobFied.com through quality information sourcing on all the above mentioned categories.


JobFied also offers advertisements opportunities, so feel free to run your adverts and promotions with us. We offer adverts and promotions ranging from banner ads (300:300, 300:250, 16:700, 180:180) etc, linking ads as well as content advertisements.

In addition, we run a transparent and negotiable system, so be sure to grab our negotiable terms and keep your business running.

So, take advantage of our wide range business opportunities as we strive to serve you better in a variety of ways.

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