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Before you take insurance policy to protect your home from some disasters, it is very imperative that you consider some factors that will help you chose the right policy. Read thoroughly the How Best to Determine Insurance Premium.

The insurance premium that you shall be asked to be paying by any insurance company will completely depends on the risk insured and the level of the risks that they shall be liable to pay at the occurrence of the risk. the premium is the amount that the insured person shall be paying the insurance company at different occasions depending on the insurance policy.

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The deductible is the amount that the insured is expected to  pay at the occurrence of the risk insured against. in most of the insurance policy, the insured person usually agreed that they shall pay certain amount at the occurence of the risk and that is usually marked as the deductible. so the logic is that once you choose a higher deductible then the premium shall be reduced to the minimum.  meanwhile, it is advisable that once you need a lower insurance premium that you should choose a higher premium.


Your previous insurance history may also determine the level of  insurance premium that you shall be entitled to be paying. for instances, if at different occasions your house  which you insured against fire has caught fire,  then different insurance company shall always demand higher insurance premium from you. it is therefore important that you remind them if you don’t have bad insurance history. The following are the necessary things that may determine the insurance premium:

  • Frequency of claims
  • Insurance Score (related to credit history)
  • Continuous coverage (few or no periods without insurance)


The next thing that shall help to determine the level of premium that you shall be paying is the location of your building. Here the types of claims that have being prevalent in your neighborhood can help to determine the level of claims that you shall be paying. Things more specific to your home’s location, like how close you are to a fire hydrant and whether your area is served by a professional or volunteer fire department can affect your premium,

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The types of personal property that you want to insure shall help to determine the level of premium that you shall be paying. The types and values of your belongings can help you determine how much coverage you should purchase and whether you may benefit from any additional coverage. All these shall be considered while taking insurance policies and charging you for the premium.


The last but not the least shall be the type of home that you occupy. for instance if you occupy in the Square footage, the materials used to construct the home and the age of the building are among the factors that may influence premium costs, the III says.

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