The Useful Information that You may Need For An Insurance Quote

The type of information that you may required to give before receiving an insurance quote may strictly depends on the type of insurance policy you want and the thing that you also want to insure.

The information that may be needed for auto insurance may differ from the  information that may be needed for home insurance. so it will imperative that you carefully go through this post and know the things that you must provide before you will be given an insurance quote. Go through the Useful Information that You may Need For An Insurance Quote now.

Below are some of the information you can expect to share when you talk to an agent for an insurance policy:

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for auto insurance you be required to provide the following information in order to be given an insurance quote. The agent may ask the following:

  • Personal information.
    The agent may ask for your personal information which will include: your dates of birth, Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers for each family member who will be on the policy.
  • Driving history.
    The driving past history has to do with any past tickets or auto accidents incurred by family members you want to cover on the policy. so you may be required to provide this information.
  • More background.
    Your agent may ask whether you rent or own your home, and a bit about your assets and income. This information can be helpful as you choose your liability coverage limits.


For you to be given Renter Insurance policies, You may be required to provide your name, Social Security number, address of the rental home and number of rooms.

The agent may also decide to ask you some questions about your belongings.


For homeowners insurance, you will be asked the following question by the agent and do remember that the insurance policy that you want may heavily determine the insurance premium that you shall requested to pay.

  • Renovations and repairs.
    The first shall be whether you just repair or  renovated the building or whether the house has been bad and need much reparation. If the home is new to you, your agent may be able to get some of this information by pulling local building permits.
  • Current condition and amenities.
    there may also go ahead and ask you the following questions: How old is your water heater? When did you last do any major work on your plumbing? Do you have a fireplace? Custom master bathroom? Details like these help determine the home’s current condition and how much it may cost to repair or rebuild it in the event that it’s damaged by a covered peril. you are required to know all these before going for a homeowner insurance policy.

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For  life insurance policies, an agent may decide to ask you some questions,  but do  bear in mind that all your answers shall be treated with absolute confidentiality: The information that he may want to know, includes the following:

  • Health history.
    He want want to know whether in the past  you had any chronic conditions?  or whether you have had major surgeries or accidents in the past five to 10 years? The insurance company’s underwriting department may also ask you to authorize a release of your medical records. This will help them to know how much to charge as the premium because they will  know the possibility of the occurrence of the insured peril.
  • Current health.
    Before you will be allowed to take life insurance, you shall  be demanded to submit your current health test. and to also tell them your health status.
  • Insurance goals.
    The insurance agent may also asked the following questions whats the  purpose of the life insurance policy. Would it be used to pay off your mortgage in the event that you pass away? Replace your income until your spouse can collect Social Security? Help pay for a child’s college education? You’ll want to consider what you want the coverage to be used for when determining the type and the amount of coverage that’s right for you. all these will help them to know how to best to utilise the insurance amount at the death of the person that assured his life.

We hope that the post The Useful Information that You may Need For An Insurance Quote will attend to you all your needs on this aspect of insurance.

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